Benefits of a BOD (Board of Directors)

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When building out a board of directors for a startup it is important to have the right people and that is the challenging part. An organization can look from within, hire a headhunter or use a company like Boardsi. Boardsi is a low cost asset to organizations that are looking for high caliber individuals that have already been there and done it.

There are many benefits of having a board of directors. Most importantly they can offer strategic advice and also give credibility to your organization. Organizations like Boardsi who have a large talent pool to choose from offers organizations the ability to pick and choose based on the criteria they need most within their organization. If an organization is looking to raise capital they can find an executive at boardsi who has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for organizations, which helps lend that credibility to your organization.

A board of directors is the oversight for the CEO and the organization. Boardsi helps organizations in their search for high level executives who have the talent to help with the tough decisions. Many organizations who are breaking through the startup phase and getting into the growth stage need the guidance of an experienced board of directors. Boardsi helps organizations pick directors from outside of the organization. Building a board from the outside gives experienced executives the ability to help the organization grow and mature to the next level. Speed is key within an organization and while moving fast is great, if you have the wrong people leading the charge it can be damaging.

One of the important questions that boardsi is asked is when to start a board of directors. The earlier the better but usually after the seed-round. Usually there are seats for the lead investors and founders remain in control but once again tough decisions at times need to be made and board members are there to help with those decisions. Boardsi understands that having the right investors and board members is key to the evolution of a business and are here to help.

The board process is confusing at times but it doesn’t need to be. There are organizations like Boardsi that can help. If you are looking for the right executives who can get you to your finish line faster Boardsi will make the process easy for any organization.

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