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Q: Can you tell us something more about the company?

A: Going through the board process themselves our founders identified the outdated system filled with extreme wasting of time and costly retainers with little success record. Boardsi has created an efficient way for both sides of the coin. Boardsi is a technology company that matches up high-level executives with organizations that are in need of advisors or board members. Unlike the lengthy headhunter process, boardsi has streamlined the matchmaking process. Our talent ranges from ...

Q: What are the benefits of having a board of directors?

A: A Board of directors or advisory team is imperative to any successful business. One of many benefits is having someone on your team that has already done what you are trying to do. The decision to implement a Board of Directors can be difficult for some private companies, CEOs worry about loss of control and debate whether it is worth the cost and effort. Some private companies assume that a board of directors is just a formal entity ...

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Q: What are the benefits of having a Board of Advisors?

A: Traditionally, companies seeking external advice invite advisors to join their Board of Directors. However, the formality, liability, and expense of a Board of Directors fuels the popularity of an informal, budget-friendly alternative, this is where a Board of Advisors comes into play. A board of advisors is an Executive Team appointed to guide, counsel and advise a Company. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from developing their own team of external advisors, from Start-Up to even Public Companies seeking short term Business Advice. A board of advisors is particularly useful in start-ups and small companies, providing fresh ideas and unique perspectives to a growing organization. Advisors from different disciplines can complement the strengths and expertise of the organization’s in-house leaders and provide broader management knowledge. An advisory board can also enhance ...

Q: How exactly does it work? How do you find the right candidates for your clients?

A: We use technology with an equal dose of human touch. Businesses ask us to find certain characteristics and skill-set in an executive and our algorithms and success managers get to work on the matchmaking process. We have been building our Executive Network from the ground up, this makes it easier to find the right Executive for the position a company is seeking. We have had the opportunity to recruit single board members for public companies as well as Private, to as far as building an entire board of directors ...

Q: Which types of businesses do you serve? Who is your ideal client?

A: We work from start-up to public companies. Companies that may be in need of one board member or advisor to companies building a team of advisors or a Board of Directors. ...

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Q: Is your network of executives diversified?

A: Building a diverse board isn’t easy but it’s vitally important. Diversity brings in new thinking, insights, and perspective about consumers, markets and business practices. A lack of diversity represents a missed opportunity. Boards that are too culturally homogenous can wind up with blind spots and miss important cues about market trends or internal problems. That’s why a highly accomplished and diverse board—and that means more women, more people of color and a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds–is so critical, particularly today ...

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We already have the most curated board and advisory positions in the world. Our goal is to be the go-to for every start-up to small/large business in the world as well on the executive side. We are always looking to grow our Executive Network so that we always have the Talent and Diversity a company may be seeking. We plan on growing our Executive network and becoming known as the company that connects the right executive with the company that is seeking their expertise.

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