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Mike Greenly

Was Fortune 500 VP, Now Writer (speeches, PPTs, etc) Speech Coach, Motivational Speaker 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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  • Q. What have you learned about conquering “stage fright”?
    "I offer lots of tips when I coach my clients, but the most valuable lesson I learned was not to try to imitate someone else’s style ... instead to be my own authentic self – only “bigger” on-stage. Also the crucial importance of the RIGHT KIND of rehearsal: making it as “real” as possible each time ... e.g., standing if you’ll be standing, picturing the audience, “projecting” out to them, etc. The quality of your rehearsal is vastly more important than the quantity."

    Q. What have you learned about effective communications – speeches, PowerPoints, videos, etc.
    "It’s essential to keep in mind that the human attention span is now shorter than that of goldfish! So decide on your overall “take-away” message and be sure that everything you include builds to and supports that conclusion. Avoid the temptation to add extraneous detail. Avoid too much text in a PowerPoint: YOU need to be the source of wisdom ... not “read along with me” visuals with lots of text."

    Q. What is something you overcame along your journey?
    "I overcame suffering as a boy who was “different” – the “Dirty Jew Boy” in a small SC island town with swastikas on my locker ... skipping a grade, so even more “other” ... hiding in the bushes during recess because no one wanted to play with me ... not yet discovering that I was gay. I’ve learned the Power of Authenticity in giving success presentations on-stage. NOT trying to imitate someone else’s style, as I once was tempted to do ... but being one’s own Real self, only BIGGER."

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