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Interview with John Krubski. After decades of consulting, John decided to share some of the truly exciting and often life-changing lessons and insights he has experienced along the way in the form of Keynotes and Workshops.

• Author of "Breaking Genius"
• Understanding things well enough to be brief
• And… getting it done in 45

Thinking Whole - 45 minutes can change the way you think, learn, understand, and communicate…sell, lead, teach… for the better for the rest of your life. It’s a wholly new system for creative critical thinking that works as well for high school freshmen as it does for corporate leadership teams.

Creating the Future You Deserve – Either you create the future you deserve, or someone else gets to create the future you must endure. 45 minutes can get you on your way.

John Krubski

Changing Lives in 45

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Customer Testimonails

Interview with Cindy Zu from Pitchbook. Discussing Pitchbook, Investor Panels and the importance of the Board Of Directors and Advisors when it comes to business growth and raising money.

About Cindy Zu: I am a global financial executive, startup investor and passionate advocate for more women on private and public boards. I began my career at J.P. Morgan in Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, and Seattle in various roles within the Corporate Investment Bank and Asset Management. In 2016, I led the strategy for an AI fintech company and negotiated licensing deals with major hedge funds internationally. Currently, I’m a senior executive at PitchBook Data, a global SaaS company that delivers data, research, and technology covering the private capital markets, including venture capital, private equity, and M&A transactions. My experience ranges from advising Fortune 500 companies to high net worth individuals, governments and venture capital firms. For speaking engagements, get in touch with me at www.cindyzu.com.

Cindy Zu

Director at PitchBook Data. Board of Directors of 4 organizations. Start-up Investor