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Why choose Us?


The boardsi platform is designed to combine an array of fine technologies for the purpose of providing user-tailored details and assistance to help our subscribers and users easily explore potential opportunities without problems.

Why choose Us?

Connectingwith Companies.

We are glad to be positioned right where we can meet the needs of executive advisors and executive directors around the world. We are therefore happy that our network is increasing daily, providing you with increased opportunities to find positions and build meaningful relationships with people in and outside your niche with prospects of helping you progress in your career.

Why choose Us?

What we DoBrand You.

As part of the services we offer to executives, we help you shape your profile and project your brand right where it will be seen and valued.

Easy To Get Started.

Take the 3 steps to get started, and get access to our list of available board positions and advisory positions.

Schedule Your Consultation Call.

Start with a simple 20 minute consultation call. Learn about what we do before moving forward.


Follow Up Interview Call.

A quick 20 minute call for us to get to know you a little better and build a internal profile for you.


Receive Your Credentials.

Get your credentials to boardsi back end, so you can browse through our available positions and apply.

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Use boardsi To Find a Board of Directors Position

Here at boardsi, we have made it easier for potential and experienced advisors and directors to be able to search for, apply and connect with thousands of top companies that are in need of their services. To make this possible and easy, we have compiled the largest and most up-to-date list of board of directors positions and advisory positions. We've also made our compilation available where they can easily be sourced for and seen by anybody. Furthermore, we understand that the business cycle is diverse and open for steady growth and increase, so we've automated the process of updating our lists daily so that we can cover vacancies from new companies in need of advisors and board members. With over 8,300 companies already adopting our industry-leading platform, you know for sure that boardsi is the right step for you.

Once subscribed to boardsi, our system will automatically update you with the available opportunities that are best suited for your qualification and experience. You will receive updates directly on your dashboard, with options to instantly apply, interview and accept new roles. We've successfully included the best technologies to efficiently match qualified executives with the right executive board positions that will perfectly suite their qualifications.

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Get Started

As a way to make connection between executives and companies easier, we've made it very simple to get started on our platform. All it entails for you is to reach us through any of our dedicated channels, and an Account Representative will put you through in the best possible manner. We allow you the liberty of selecting and scheduling on-board calls at your best time. Our specialists are available at all times to assist you through the process of creating a professional executive page for you to complete at your own convenience. It takes only a few hours to get your page up and running, but you can use the search option to check through available position even when your account is not ready. We are focused on serving you better and we will continue to roll out special features to ensure that your convenience is not tampered with, while we continue to strive to meet your needs.

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