Navigating Tech Investment: The Akava Success Story

About Akava Akava is a technology transformation consultancy based in Silicon Valley delivering delightful digital-native cloud, web and mobile products that massively scale as well as enterprise cloud and devops transformation solutions. Akava helps Fortune 1000s and startups ideate, architect, design and build bespoke solutions...

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Navigating the Future with Agile Decision-Making

In the contemporary world of business, characterized by its relentless pace and constant unpredictability, leaders find themselves at the intersection of numerous intricate decisions. The ability to steer through ambiguity and make nimble judgments has become an indispensable skill for effective leadership. Martin Rowinski, the...

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5 Leadership Insights for Thriving in Uncertainty

At this time in history, the only constant is change, making leadership more essential than ever. The seismic shift occurring in the business landscape comes with both new challenges and new opportunities. Our job as leaders is to find a safe path forward for our...

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