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If your business is facing a tough decision, we can help. Whether you need to build a Board of Directors, hire an advisor or you are looking for funding. we have access to top executive talent who possess the experience and business acumen you need to grow your business and achieve your goals. Our executives can help your business so that you can not only "stay in the game" but grow and over achieve your goals.

Board of Directors

Looking to structure your Board of Directors with diversity, we have exactly what you are looking for. We can save you months of work.


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Board of Directors?

The size of your company is not important, nor its current position. If you want professional advice that will be in line with your organization's objectives, boardsi can tailor an Executive to suit you properly. Permanent or temporary, our talent can ensure you get the support you need.

It really does't matter if your company is just starting or if you are branching into a new niche; we have expert advisors that are willing to help propel your company to the next level.

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Viveka on Wefunder

Ensuring Your Seat on the Board

Female Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018 Asia Pacific COO Jones Day Australia Global Strategy Manager Herbert Smith Freehills. Katja Kempe: "Exploring our full potential as humans is my passion and I've been privy to personally meet and work with some of the world's most elite coaches, who helped me in my most pivotal moments. I wanted this opportunity to be available to billions." - CEO Viveka is our way to support in times of hardship and growth, and consciously support evolution."

Ensuring Your Seat on the Board

Ensuring Your Seat on the Board

Our goal today is the theme of Ensuring your seat on the board with 3 major points. We will cover the preparation of your expertise, experience, and certification. How to package yourself as a proper Board Candidate and be prepared to ace the interview process. This is a high-level road map of areas if someone wants to really drill down on the details, but we want to give you the internal steps of the road map.

Boardroom Bound Podcast

Boardroom Bound Podcast Episode #91

Boardroom Bound Podcast, hosted by Alexander Lowry: In today’s episode, Martin discusses his journey serving as the CEO of Boardsi, pushing to provide thousands of companies with skillful executives from across the world. Having served in many boardroom positions, Martin Rowinski is an excellent source of inside knowledge for boardroom tips and tricks, which is why I’m so excited to discuss with him his stories and advice.

Mission Matters Business Leaders

Mission Matters: World's Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips To Success (Business Leaders Vol.4)

(Business Leaders Edition Volume 4) Every enterprise needs leadership and great leaders are formed through both success and failure. Are you and your organization positioned properly for this new age of leadership? Boardsi CEO, Martin Rowinski, co-authors one chapter in this book "Every Company Should Have a Diverse Board" Book available on Amazon:


One Carbon World - boardsi Climate Neutral

We are happy to announce that boardsi has achieved both the Carbon Neutral International Standard and the UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative participation by measuring, reducing, and offsetting their complete carbon footprint. Well done for your achievements and contributions to the fight of climate change!

Mission Matters Podcast

Mission Matters Interviews Martin Rowinski

Obtaining a board position is the goal for many experienced executives. How many of us know how to obtain the correct position that fits our skill set? In this episode, Adam Torres and Martin Rowinski, CEO of boardsi, explore the process of obtaining a board position that is beneficial to both the company and board members alike.

Executive Q and A 05-13-2020

Executive Q & A 5-13-2020

Three more new Executive Q & A posted. From Kristina Cleary: Kristina is a seasoned visionary leader and forward thinker with over 20 years of experience in the technology and HCM industry. Michael Guerriero: As a senior leader with both executive leadership and financial expertise, I lead organizations to achieve strategic objectives and financial goals. Joel Wright: I am excited to lead AllianceRx Walgreens Prime, an exciting Specialty and Mail Service company, created through the combination of the Walgreens Specialty and Mail Service business with the Prime Specialty and Mail Service business.


boardsi Best Workplaces Inc Magazine 2020

El Dorado Hills, CA (May 6, 2020) – boardsi has been named to Inc. magazine’s annual list of the Best Workplaces for 2020. Hitting newsstands May 12 in the May/June 2020 issue, and as part of a prominent feature, the list is the result of a wide-ranging and comprehensive measurement of private American companies that have created exceptional workplaces through vibrant cultures, deep employee engagement, and stellar benefits.

Executive Q and A 5-4-2020

Executive Q & A 5-4-2020

Three more new Executive Q & A posted. From John McCoy: Experienced Vice President Sales with a demonstrated history of working in the medical device industry. Skilled in Sales Management, Medical Devices, Business Development. Howard Browntein: Nationally-known/widely-published expert on turnaround/crisis mgmt and corporate governance. Experienced independent board member: Renew Financial - Risk Chair; AM Castle (OTCMKTS: CASL); PICO Holdings (Nasdaq: PICO) - Audit Chair/Sarbanes-Oxley "Financial Expert"; P&F Ind. (Nasdaq: PFIN), Chair, Nom/Gov & Strategic Planning/Risk; Merakey; Special Metals Corp - Audit Chair; Magnatrax Corp. Plan Adm'r, Montgomery Ward, largest retail liquidation in history. Matthew Gloss: proactive business leader, experienced with expansions at startups and at public companies. My strengths include strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, process optimization, and negotiation.

James Schultz Q and A

Executive Q & A from James Schultz

Jim Schultz is the Chairman and Founder of Open Prairie. Born and raised in Effingham County, Jim is a fifth generation Illinoisan, whose family has farmed and built businesses in a pioneering-fashion throughout the state since 1840. He is an accomplished agribusiness and serial entrepreneur, bringing extensive business experience gained from early childhood in the family global agribusinesses to early-stage capital expansion of Open Prairie over the past two decades. In the past 15 years, Jim has provided capital to companies which were able to expand and to create over 4,000 new jobs throughout the United States in a broad array of industries, including: medical device, agriculture technology and information technology.

Taylor Fernley Q and A

Executive Q & A from Taylor Fernley

A visionary, gutsy CEO who is in the business of changing people’s lives. A life-long learner, Taylor works with highly-skilled professionals who manage national and regional non-profit associations… and he then watches those industries grow. Who could ever find a more rewarding environment in which to work? His family business has the distinction of founding the Association Management Company industry with roots going back to 1886 and 5 generations strong. Quite an accomplishment in today’s climate.

Micah Bevitz Q and A

Executive Q & A from Micah Bevitz

I started iTelecom on the principal that our most important job is to provide best-in-class support. After more than 20 years of business development, account management, and operations optimization experience in the telecommunications sector, I knew that there was a better way to service customers. Colleagues describe me as a progressive, driven, down-to-earth, analytical, and managerial expert who can be relied on to deliver customer satisfaction.

CEO Martin Rowinski

WeStrive Interviews boardsi CEO

Martin Rowinski is the CEO of which is a platform that connects top-level executives with startups looking to fill out their advisory board. Martin has spent years in the tech industry advising countless companies and founding a few of his own. Over the course of the podcast, we cover his early life, his experience with running a real estate company during the stock market crash, having an exit, and so much more. Interview by WeStrive.

Dan Grossman

Executive Q & A from Dan Grossman

I am currently a new venture growth and mobility advisory for several organizations. Since joining Zipcar as a start-up more than 12 years ago, I have rapidly launched and pioneered new businesses globally with companies like General Motors and Ford Motor Company. I have launched new mobility products and services in more than 120 markets and been a part of several IPO’s. Q 1. Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader? What was their impact?

CEO Martin Rowinski

Featured Interview with boardsi CEO

Can you tell us something more about the company? Going through the board process themselves our founders identified the outdated system filled with extreme wasting of time and costly retainers with little success record. Boardsi has created an efficient way for both sides of the coin. What are the benefits of having a board of directors? Board of directors or advisory team is imperative to any successful business. and more...

Cindy Zu Interview Podcast

New Podcast Page - Listen to New Podcast

Interview with Cindy Zu from Pitchbook. Discussing Pitchbook, Investor Panels and the importance of the Board Of Directors and Advisors when it comes to business growth and raising money. About Cindy Zu: I am a global financial executive, startup investor and passionate advocate for more women on private and public boards.

CEO and Board of Directors

Board Diversity Among Private Companies

Women are gaining more seats in the corporate boardroom, a movement that figures to gain steam from fresh strategies like a new California law and the clout wielded by financial heavyweights such as Goldman Sachs. But those moves to step up diversity are aimed solely at public companies or those about to arrive on Wall Street, overlooking the nation's much-larger crop of boards that govern startups and other private companies. Indeed, more than half of 304 ...

CEO and Board of Directors

CEO and Board of Directors

New CEOs face many issues when starting at a new company but the relationship with the board does not have to be a challenge. Reporting to a board is very different from having an individual as a boss. Managing this relationship is a great test, especially for CEOs with little experience working with boards but there are a few things that can be done to make it easier.

Benefits of a BOD (Board of Directors)

Benefits of a BOD (Board of Directors)

When building out a board of directors for a startup it is important to have the right people and that is the challenging part. An organization can look from within, hire a headhunter or use a company like Boardsi. Boardsi is a low cost asset to organizations that are looking for high caliber individuals that have already been there and done it.

Series A and Beyond


The market is saturated with conversations about how to get funding for new ventures. Instead, we'll be discussing challenges faced, how to scale, and ultimately how to succeed once you have an MVP or a product in the market.

Executive Success

Six Tips For Succesful Executive Career



Possibilities Of Networking

Often times busy executives wonder the best method for networking. Is it in person, over the phone, or perhaps online? Some might think that it is an either-or situation, but it is not.