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Customer Testimonails

My experience with Boardsi was incredible. During the first week I was asked to be on a board that needed someone skilled in financial matters. Within a few days, I was introduced to the CEO and I was hired that day! The team at boardsi is very professional and knows how to create a match. I am very pleased that I choose to use them.

Lynn Perkins Board Member Brighter Watts & now FAMA
Customer Testimonails

I was new to the whole process of trying to join a Board of Directors. I really wasn’t sure what I was doing and I wasn’t sure if it was right for me. I can honestly say Boardsi really gives every single person that signs up with them a personal touch. I can’t even count how many people in the company I spoke to or had some sort of email correspondence with. Whether it was Cameron, Alex, Martin, or Summer, everybody replied immediately and professionally. When I was trying to join a board, they probably worked the hardest to make sure the relationship grew and flourished. I am now a board member on the first organization that I interviewed with and met. Boardsi has the uncanny ability to make you feel like they’re only client. I highly recommend them without any reservation! I am Excited to continue working with them!

Taaha Shakir Hospitalist Shriners Hospitals for Children
Customer Testimonails

With Boardsi, the team reached out regarding a company interested in speaking about an independent non-executive board member role on the day that my resume was uploaded to the platform. I'm grateful to Boardsi for facilitating the introduction.

Kathy Mayor Board Member TinyBeans
Customer Testimonails

From the initial dialogue to the landing of my first advisory role, the Boardsi experience exceeded expectations. They did an amazing job finding the right opportunity that aligned with my strengths, experience, and area of interest. I highly recommend any executive looking to advance their career through Board /Advisory work.

Kelly MacPherson Lead Advisor Ovation Former CIO of Burger King, Tim Hortons, Popeyes, Abercrombie & Fitch, Planet Hollywood, and Hard Rock Cafe, Kelly has spent almost 30 years in restaurant/retail.
Customer Testimonails

Being based out of Toronto I wasn't sure how working with boardsi while building my Board Advisors would turn out. I took a chance and sure am glad I did! Their team went over our needs and started the search process immediately. Within a few weeks, I had some resumes and a few of them were great. Now after 4 months we finally signed a contract with our 1st Executive and are moving into searching for number two, an Executive that is EU centric. Overall I am very happy with boardsi and the search process. As I continue to build out the our board advisors, we will continue to work with boardsi. I highly recommend for any company to connect with boardsi and am sure they will find you the type of executive you are searching for.

Roger Barlow CEO Diversys Software, Inc.
Customer Testimonails

At first when I was contacted by Boardsi, I thought it sounded too good to be true, but was so intrigued, I took a meeting. I told them I wanted someone with C-suite experience in international brands in restaurant and retail, thinking it would be a tall task. In a couple of weeks I was talking to my absolute dream advisor and was able to bring her on. It has helped my business and helped me form invaluable contacts that otherwise would have been impossible. Could not recommend Boardsi enough!

Zack Oates Founder & CEO Ovation
Customer Testimonails

The Success Team at boardsi was great to work with. First, they took the time to get to understand what I was looking for and what I had to offer. Then, they came back with a very unique position which was a great fit. I couldn't be happier.

Mike Laureno CFO | COO Corporate Adviser
Customer Testimonails

FanWide was seeking sports executives to join our advisory board, but found it hard to navigate this industry. boardsi was a great partner and connected us with multiple executives with experience in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. Boardsi has a great network, it is worth a conversation to see how they can help you!

Symon Perriman CEO & Founder FanWide
Customer Testimonails

I write to express my sincere gratitude for your assistance in helping us recruit candidates for advisor-at-large and advisor roles, for our tech startups.
I am pleased to report these accomplished individuals have agreed to support our efforts. They signed Founder-Advisor Standard Agreement: G. Wong, D. Law, M. Laureno, S. Gali and T. Parrish.
These individuals will share with us their expert knowledge in Corporate Finance, Marketing, Investor Relations, Corporate Strategy and Product Development. They will be directly involved in the four tech companies we have in launch mode: iQx10.COM (eSports for Job Skills), VOTAC.NET (Integrated Digital Media), WAKAnRIDE.COM (Roadless Mass Transit Systems) and BODYBYTECHNOLOGY.COM (Tech Socialized Medicine).
With their help, these companies are positioned to launch products and services; secure pilot partners and customers; complete founding rounds and attract top talents.
I must admit I was unsure about Boardsi, and its placement history and success. In short order, my unsureness gave way to sureness. You were patient and understood the needs of these companies. You tailored your candidate searches to their business imperatives. When I reached out to you, it did not matter what time of the day, you were always available. You worked tirelessly with us until we found the right candidate for each role. I cannot overstate this: we are fortunate to have worked with you; and the process was stress free.
We look forward to continued collaboration with you and Boardsi, now and into the future.

Abraham O. Tuyo Founder and Managing Partner Tuyo Ventures
Customer Testimonails

I found the right executive for my advisory board at boardsi.com. I have been searching for quite some time for high-level executives and was spending way too much time finding the wrong ones. I got in contact with my representative at boardsi, sent him an email with the skill sets I was looking for and within a short period of time I was delivered exactly what I needed. Boardsi has proven to be a very viable source for strategic C level talent. I highly recommend them.

Casey Golden Founder, Chief Experience Officer Luxlock
Customer Testimonails

What a great Board search experience!! From the first phone call with Scott Forno, I felt a sincere interest in working with me on my Board search. The boardsi team took the time to clearly understand my needs and what I could bring to the table. He worked diligently with true confidence in my abilities and found me an exciting opportunity which I am about to begin. His transparency and candor was most appreciated. I will continue to work with Boardsi as their focus is on my success; and in return Boardsi is a success!! Thank you.

Gwendolyn Wong President Wong Consulting
Customer Testimonails

As the Founder of a fast growing start-up, time is a limited resource and trusted advice priceless. Boardsi was recommended to us during our seed raise. boardsi team have been an invaluable counsel and presented us with great calibre advisors to support our operational advisory board. I was thoroughly impressed by the expertise, experience and network of every candidate interviewed. They allowed for a seamless process, went over and beyond to find the right candidates and were an overall joy to work with. I highly recommend Boardsi to any company seeking to expand their Advisory Board or Board of Directors.

Katja Kempe CEO & Founder Viveka
Customer Testimonails

I wanted to take a minute and write to express my sincere appreciation for all your assistance and support as I seek a Board of Directors position. In the short time we have worked together, I have found you to be the consummate professional. Responsive, articulate, proactive are just a couple of the attributes you guys possess. You have presented a couple of excellent opportunities whereby my experience and accomplishments would be of great value to an organization. I am impressed with your knowledge of this space and your communication has always been on point. Thank you for supporting my efforts in seeking the right one or two BOD seats of interest. Rest assured, I will certainly recommend your services to my colleagues who wish to pursue similar opportunities.

Howard Zimmerman VP Rotator Staffing Services Inc
Customer Testimonails

Boardsi helped my digital agency connect with top level leadership and experience for our board of directors.

Brent K Brewer MEd, BEd, BA CEO & Founder Essential Studios
Customer Testimonails

I’ve recently retired from a President & CEO role but still have the energy & desire to help other businesses grow and develop. Boardsi offered a unique platform to help match my experience with potential board and advisory positions. Everyone at boardsi was especially active and helpful in this search. Very impressed with this service and fully anticipate continued success pursuing and securing additional business challenges!

Christopher Holmes Retired CEO CVTM Holdings, Inc.
Customer Testimonails

The boardsi team are amazing professionals in this field. Boardsi network is deep and they have made meaningful connections that have led to great advisory roles for me and my business. He is constantly thinking through how he can deliver additional value to his clients. Boardsi is a true connector.

Jon Thomas Partner and Founder Quicksilver Capital
Customer Testimonails

Dear Boardsi, Thank you for helping me find a board seat. I am grateful to be a part of the startup that came my way through your opportunities platform and worked closely with my Success Manager to secure this position. Serving as a board member already, I am happy to start a new side career as a supervisory board chairman. I look forward to working where I live in the UK for a company based in the US and will create a presence and expansion here in Europe. I spent about 5 months on the platform and it was worth every day of it to have this opportunity. At this time pause my account, as I will not be able to take on any other ventures at the moment. Again, thanks for your great support throughout this journey.

Johannes Riedl Global Client Partner NETSOL Technologies Inc.
Customer Testimonails

We are an early stage automotive startup. I got an email from boardsi asking if they could help us set up our advisory board. I spoke to the team at boardsi and literally within 5 days I was speaking to eight different senior executives. These executives had backgrounds in engineering, executive management and the law. They were exactly what I had asked for and the boardsi staff bent over backwards setting up appointments and following up with me. Few businesses truly understand service. I continue to work with boardsi for their access to top people and professional conduct. Service is everything.

Tom Storey CEO Conversion Centers
Customer Testimonails

Boardsi, works tirelessly to connect executives such as myself with board positions in companies who wish to revolutionize their businesses. They have been instrumental in connecting me with like-minded boards and individuals, which has accelerated my career and has given both advisory boards and executives the ability to take companies to a new level. I am honored to be working with individuals at boardsi and the new boards I will be assisting. Thank you, I truly appreciate your time and efforts in locating board opportunities for me.

Liam Locke Vice President of Operations Calm Computing, Inc.
Customer Testimonails

I wanted to thank you for all of your help thus far! I am going to do some work for the Board of Shamrock. I could not be happier with the attention and service you have provided in my search.

Danny P. Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer
Customer Testimonails

boardsi has sent us numerous resumes for people to fill our Board position. I was able to find a candidate who had an interesting background and lived nearby. My interview with him went well and we have engaged him. I expect him to be a contributor in one way or another. I like your service as compared to the headhunters who pretend to make a deep study of your situation to find the person who is just right.

Bill Neuberg Chairman Shamrock Technologies, Inc.
Customer Testimonails

I'd recommend this approach to any proactive executive trying to secure a board seat and enrich their experience level and have the opportunity to use their skills helping other companies succeed. They helped me find interviews with companies I would not be able to find elsewhere. I am really looking forward to what else boardsi can align me with.

Jim Beausoleil CFO / VP Finance O1 Communications, LLC