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Customer Testimonails

As the Founder of a fast growing start-up, time is a limited resource and trusted advice priceless. Boardsi was recommended to us during our seed raise. Tom and boardsi team have been an invaluable counsel and presented us with great calibre advisors to support our operational advisory board. I was thoroughly impressed by the expertise, experience and network of every candidate interviewed. They allowed for a seamless process, went over and beyond to find the right candidates and were an overall joy to work with. I highly recommend Boardsi to any company seeking to expand their Advisory Board or Board of Directors.

Katja Kempe CEO & Founder Viveka
Customer Testimonails

Boardsi helped my digital agency connect with top level leadership and experience for our board of directors.

Brent K Brewer MEd, BEd, BA CEO & Founder Essential Studios
Customer Testimonails

I’ve recently retired from a President & CEO role but still have the energy & desire to help other businesses grow and develop. Boardsi offered a unique platform to help match my experience with potential board and advisory positions. Evryone at boardsi was especially active and helpful in this search. Very impressed with this service and fully anticipate continued success pursuing and securing additional business challenges!

Christopher Holmes Retired CEO CVTM Holdings, Inc.
Customer Testimonails

Tom Cook is an amazing professional in his field. Boardsi network is deep and they have made meaningful connections that have led to great advisory roles for me and my business. He is constantly thinking through how he can deliver additional value to his clients. Tom is a true connector.

Jon Thomas Partner and Founder Quicksilver Capital
Customer Testimonails

Dear Boardsi, Thank you for helping me find a board seat. I am grateful to be a part of the startup that came my way through your opportunities platform and worked closely with my Success Manager to secure this position. Serving as a board member already, I am happy to start a new side career as a supervisory board chairman. I look forward to working where I live in the UK for a company based in the US and will create a presence and expansion here in Europe. I spent about 5 months on the platform and it was worth every day of it to have this opportunity. At this time pause my account, as I will not be able to take on any other ventures at the moment. Again, thanks for your great support throughout this journey.

Johannes Riedl Global Client Partner NETSOL Technologies Inc.
Customer Testimonails

We are an early stage automotive startup. I got an email from boardsi asking if they could help us set up our advisory board. I spoke to Tom Cook, Director of Business Services at boardsi and literally within 5 days I was speaking to eight different senior executives. These executives had backgrounds in engineering, executive management and the law. They were exactly what I had asked for and the boardsi staff bent over backwards setting up appointments and following up with me. Few businesses truly understand service. I continue to work with boardsi for their access to top people and professional conduct. Service is everything.

Tom Storey CEO Conversion Centers
Customer Testimonails

Tom Cook is the Director of Business Services for Boardsi and truly an amazing business colleague. Boardsi, along with Tom, works tirelessly to connect executives such as myself with board positions in companies who wish to revolutionize their businesses. They have been instrumental in connecting me with like-minded boards and individuals, which has accelerated my career and has given both advisory boards and executives the ability to take companies to a new level. I am honored to be working with individuals like Tom and the new boards I will be assisting.
Thank you, Tom, I truly appreciate your time and efforts in locating board opportunities for me.

Liam Locke Vice President of Operations Calm Computing, Inc.
Customer Testimonails

I wanted to thank you for all of your help thus far! I am going to do some work for the Board of Shamrock. I could not be happier with the attention and service you have provided in my search.

Danny P. Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer
Customer Testimonails

boardsi has sent us numerous resumes for people to fill our Board position. I was able to find a candidate who had an interesting background and lived nearby. My interview with him went well and we have engaged him. I expect him to be a contributor in one way or another. I like your service as compared to the headhunters who pretend to make a deep study of your situation to find the person who is just right.

Bill Neuberg Chairman Shamrock Technologies, Inc.
Customer Testimonails

I'd recommend this approach to any proactive executive trying to secure a board seat and enrich their experience level and have the opportunity to use their skills helping other companies succeed. They helped me find interviews with companies I would not be able to find elsewhere. I am really looking forward to what else boardsi can align me with.

Jim Beausoleil CFO / VP Finance O1 Communications, LLC