The Virtue of Patience in the Board Hiring Process

The pressure to fill board positions quickly is often intense. However, as the Chief Operating Officer of Boardsi, I’ve learned that patience is not just a virtue but a necessity in the board hiring process. This understanding is crucial for both companies seeking new board members and for professionals aspiring to board positions.

Understanding the Complexity of Board Selection

Board of Directors’ roles are pivotal in steering a company’s vision, mission, and long-term strategy. This responsibility requires a unique blend of expertise, experience, and personal traits that align with the company’s culture and goals. Finding the right candidate is a complex process that involves thorough vetting, multiple interviews, and consensus-building among current board members.

Patience in the Hiring Process: A Strategic Approach

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: The process of evaluating candidates for a board position goes beyond assessing qualifications and experience. It involves understanding the individual’s ability to contribute to diverse perspectives, strategic thinking, and effective decision-making. This depth of evaluation takes time.
  • Cultural Fit and Diversity: Modern companies are increasingly focused on building boards that are not just skilled but also diverse and culturally aligned. Ensuring a candidate can contribute to a healthy board dynamic and bring diverse viewpoints is critical and requires a careful, unhurried approach.
  • Due Diligence and Background Checks: The reputation and legal standing of a company can be significantly impacted by its board members. Conducting thorough background checks and due diligence to assess any potential risks associated with a candidate is a process that cannot be rushed.

For Candidates: Navigating the Waiting Period

As a candidate, understanding this process is key to managing expectations and maintaining enthusiasm. The wait might seem lengthy, but it’s a period that can be utilized effectively:

  • Continued Learning and Networking: Use the waiting time to enhance your skills, knowledge, and network. This proactive approach can make you even more valuable as a board member.
  • Patience as a Reflection of Professionalism: Demonstrating patience during the hiring process can reflect positively on your professional demeanor, showcasing your understanding of the business’s intricate processes and your respect for the thoroughness required.
  • Feedback and Engagement: Stay engaged with the hiring process by seeking feedback and offering additional information that might support your application. This demonstrates your continued interest and commitment.


The board hiring process is inherently lengthy and complex, requiring patience from both the hiring company and the candidates. As the COO of Boardsi, I advocate for embracing this process with patience and understanding. It ensures that the best decisions are made for the company’s future, and it prepares candidates for the significant responsibilities that board positions entail. Remember, in the realm of corporate governance, thoroughness and patience are not just preferred; they are essential.

Source: Daniel Henry – Boardsi COO


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