Leadership Journeys: Bruce Cardenas from Marine to Quest Nutrition | Leadership Talks Podcast

Join us on ‘Leadership Talks – Conversations with Visionaries’ for a captivating episode with Bruce Cardenas. We trace Bruce’s extraordinary path from the U.S. Marine Corps to his influential role at Quest Nutrition. His journey, marked by resilience, leadership, and dedication, spans various spheres, including the LAPD and several entrepreneurial endeavors. Discover how Bruce’s unique perspective transformed Quest Nutrition into a movement, not just a business. Dive deep into his ethos of leadership, the experiences that shaped him, and his aspirations for the future. Tune in for an inspiring session with Bruce Cardenas, a true visionary in leadership.

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Invest in your board, invest in your mission. Partner with BoardsI for impactful non-profit board training. Contact us today!

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