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This is a remote compensated board of directors and advisory position. The company is looking for multiple executives.

Boardsi has been retained to conduct a board of directors and board of advisors search for a contract intelligence company. We are looking for executives with backgrounds across all industries for a fresh set of eyes. If you are, but not limited to an Executive, VP, Director, CEO, CFO, or CMO we would like to speak with you. If you have a background in Finance, FinTech, Tech, Banking, HedgeFund, Blockchain, Data, Digital Finance, Financial Services, SaaS, or Operations we want to speak with you.

Developer of a smart dog collar intended to instantly track a dog’s location no matter where they are in the United States. The company’s collar uses GPS and LTE-M to measure the steps a dog takes, sets daily, weekly and monthly goals to hit and compare them to other dogs, enabling dog owners to find and keep their dogs fit and healthy easily.


The company is reinventing the relationship between dogs and their humans. They are ex from Nest, Square, Google, MakerBot and Canary. We build amazing hardware and software that put old brands in the closet and bring a digital rebirth to this space.


The company believes that the dog/human relationship is amazing and that it’s time to use technology to take it to the next level. They enable dog owners to keep their best friend safe and in good health, monitor their behavior and leverage data to create a stronger bond between the two species.


The company loves dogs (of course!) and are having a lot of fun building amazing products to bring this space to the 21st century.


The Challenge: what they do requires the integration of aesthetics / design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, RF communication, firmware, mobile apps, cloud systems, and everything in between. This is way above the technical complexity of your typical startup job! The company is looking for people who enjoy hard challenges and love what they do. They set the bar high and “impossible” means “let me find a solution” in their world.


Most Recent Financing Status

(as of 21-Apr-2021)

The company raised $30 million of Series B venture funding in a deal led by Longview Asset Management on March 2, 2021. Lerer Hippeau, Freestyle Capital, RRE Ventures, Advance Venture Partners and Gokul Rajaram also participated in the round. The funds will be used to continue hiring world-class talent and fund product innovation.


Mission: Leveraging technology to elevate the relationship between humans and dogs.


Vision: Building the leading technology company in the dog space.


Board Member Opportunity:


They are searching for Board Members and/or Board Advisors, one formal Board Member and others informal.


Skills desired: Higher level of expertise or massive recognizable achievement in scaling a business to the $B level.


Expectations: Bring substantial experience to the table – but we’ll set the bar very high. 


Compensation: Equity

This will be a remote position that includes quarterly meetings, plus a minimum of one hour per month for calls/emails to help with various projects. Looking for a strong background and overall experience in growing and adding expertise to a company. Boardsi offers thousands of compensated board positions within our network. In addition to applying to this position, applicants can also join our network for a monthly fee, which provides access to all available board positions.

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