Yair Marom’s Visionary Approach to Redefining the Drinking Experience: Leadership Beyond Borders

Welcome to another intriguing episode of Boardsi Leadership Talks. Today, we dive into the fascinating world of Yair Marom, co-founder and CEO of Nina, who is transforming the way we think about and manage alcohol consumption with his innovative technology. From his early days in the Israeli Air Force to his role in redefining an industry, Yair’s journey is a testament to the power of visionary leadership.


Military Roots and Leadership Evolution Yair begins by reflecting on his significant military background, particularly his time as a squadron commander in the Israeli Air Force, which profoundly shaped his leadership style. In the military, commands are followed without question, but in the startup ecosystem, leadership requires persuasion and vision-sharing. Yair has translated these lessons into his role at Nina, focusing on strategic goals and enabling his team to execute with precision.


Innovating the Alcohol Industry Nina is poised to revolutionize the alcohol industry by introducing a controlled, connected drinking experience. Yair’s vision extends beyond conventional boundaries, focusing on both safety and enjoyment by digitizing alcohol consumption. This innovative approach allows for monitoring and managing alcohol intake, significantly enhancing the consumer’s experience and safety in various settings, from homes to public venues like sports arenas and weddings.


Challenges and Lessons in Tech Innovation Developing new technology, especially in hardware, presents immense challenges. Yair shares the hurdles Nina faced, emphasizing the importance of market feedback in shaping product development. Unlike software, hardware requires precise coordination of development cycles and a hands-on approach, which Nina facilitates by maintaining a close-knit team of developers instead of relying on subcontractors.


Building a Strong Team and Maintaining Customer Focus A core element of Yair’s strategy is fostering a robust internal culture and ensuring alignment across all departments. This alignment is crucial not only in product development but also in maintaining strong customer relationships. Yair stresses the importance of personal connections with clients, which helps in embedding new technologies successfully and ensuring continuous feedback, which is integral to iterative development and improvement.


Global Strategy and Adaptation Reflecting on his international experience, Yair discusses the nuances of taking Nina global. He highlights the importance of understanding cultural differences and local business practices, which can significantly affect product reception and success. His strategy involves a nuanced approach, tailoring Nina’s deployment strategies to fit local markets while maintaining a broad vision adaptable across different global regions.


Leadership Philosophy: Empowering and Adapting Central to Yair’s leadership philosophy is the empowerment of his team. He believes in setting clear goals and allowing team members the autonomy to meet them, fostering a culture where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities. This approach not only motivates but also instills a sense of ownership among employees, aligning personal successes with the company’s objectives.


Looking Forward As we conclude our discussion, Yair remains optimistic about the future of technology in consumer engagement, particularly within the hospitality industry. He envisions a world where connected devices enhance the consumer experience, driven by advancements in AI and IoT, making everyday interactions more intuitive and integrated.

  • The connected drinking experience has the potential to revolutionize the alcohol industry by digitizing pouring and controlling access to alcohol, promoting responsible drinking and reducing DUIs.
  • Leadership in a startup requires convincing and carving a clear path, as well as fostering a culture of excellence and debriefing.
  • Developing a hardware device is challenging, and it is important to gather customer feedback and involve the right team of developers to ensure success.
  • Customer success management and building personal relationships with customers are crucial for product development and long-term success.
  • Understanding different cultures and adapting to global markets is essential for expanding a startup internationally.
  • Transparency, honesty, and learning from mistakes are key principles for effective leadership.
  • The tech industry will be shaped by trends such as IoT, digitalization, AI, personalization, connectivity, and socialization.
  • The Nina device offers a unique locking mechanism and a user-friendly interface for controlled pouring and a personalized drinking experience.
Sound Bites
  • “What if we can control, what if we can digitize pouring, what if we can lock every bottle that’s out of any distillery in the world?”
  • “You need to mark peaks, carve the path, and people will walk it on, and they will conquer the peaks.”
  • “If you want to build something innovative and big as Nina is gonna become very soon, you need good people around you.”

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