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Board Member Recruitment does not have to be complicated. Indeed, Boardsi is simplifying the board recruitment process, making the process quick and easy for both board member seekers and companies. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Boardsi is there to offer support, taking over the recruitment process so that companies can get to the important stuff. Here we take a closer look as it wins Most Outstanding Executive Board Recruitment Platform – 2022.


Boardsi is revolutionising the way companies think and communicate, and through its innovative methods is providing executives with advisory and corporate board positions. Moreover, through utilising ground-breaking technology, human connection, and Boardsi exclusive private network, Boardsi is aiding companies with their growth, aiming
to be a solution provider, no matter the size of the company or the industry. Whether the company is looking to expand their board of advisors, directors or are trying to acquire funding, Boardsi is there to provide step-by-step guidance, expert advice, and recruitment options.


Working with a diverse range of clients, Boardsi focuses upon executives and companies. For example, the company’s work with executives aims to simplify the recruitment process, making it easier for executives to be able to search for job roles, apply for positions that are the right fit, and connect with thousands of prestigious
companies. The company’s Boardsi works with, range from start-ups to mid-size and Fortune 500 companies. Furthermore, Boardsi updates the available positions on a daily basis and currently hosts over 8,300 opportunities. In terms of the services available for companies, Boardsi reduces the recruitment process down to three easy steps – filling out a form, undertaking a 20-minute phone call, and the opportunity being advertised on its platform.


Within such a company, transparency is vital. Boardsi prides itself on its openness, honesty, and clear communication, believing that these are vital traits for a successful recruitment company. It is with this firmly in mind that Boardsi has designed its internal culture to promote efficiency, and the team is expected to work together effectively,
prioritising collaboration and innovation. Respect, of course, is a key theme within the company – not only for each other, but also with the clients.


Indeed, the company takes a client-centric approach, which is reflected through Boardsi’s numerous testimonials and reviews. As Karen L. Founder of Birthways mentions “Building an advisory board was a new step for me as a founder. After many years as an expert in my industry, I am building an industry innovation and rapidly growing our reach and impact. I credit my advisory board for supporting me in establishing the foundation I need as an expanding leader, and for contributing valuable insights that informed our strategic plan. We’ve only begun to utilize the incredible talent and experience of our board members and already I can see how intregal they will be to maintaining our momentum. Boardsi made it easy for us to find exceptionally qualified and experienced leaders to round out our team and their support was extremely helpful and ‘hands on’.”


Unsurprisingly, the company has attracted executive talent from companies like Virgin Hotels, Starbucks Coffee, Southwest Airlines, 24 Hour Fitness, Micron, Microsoft and many others – a feat which can only be attributed to the excellent service it provides.

The upcoming year sees major growth plans for the company, including the opening of new offices and the hiring of new staff. In turn, this growth will aid Boardsi as the demand for its services continues to grow. However, the company’s key goal for 2022 is to continue helping executives connect with companies, optimising the recruitment process.



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