Announcing ‘The Corporate Matchmaker,’ a New Book That Aims to Simplify the Board-Building Process for Companies and Executives

Las Vegas, Nevada, Jun 20, 2022 (Newsfile Corp via COMTEX) — Las Vegas, Nevada–(Newsfile Corp. – June 20, 2022) – Martin Rowinski, CEO of board-executive recruitment company, Boardsi, has published a book that aims to make it easier for businesses to build strong and effective boards. ‘The Corporate Matchmaker’ is targeted both at companies looking for board members and executives seeking board positions.

‘The Corporate Matchmaker’ begins by taking readers through Martin’s personal journey, which led to him founding Boardsi, before outlining key strategies, tips, and case studies directed at easing the board-formation process. He was asked to write the book after a number of Boardsi’s clients lamented the current lack of publicly available information on securing a board seat.

In addition to helping executives, the book aims to close the knowledge gap for companies that are trying to compose a board, which can, in turn, accelerate the business’ progression. A recent survey highlights the impact a strong board can have on company value, with most directors answering that the board’s impact is either high or very high. Only 1% of respondents that said their boards were ineffective also felt that their directors had received sufficient training.

‘The Corporate Matchmaker’ will serve as an educational tool that will ensure that boards are trained and able to help the company as much as possible. It is being sold alongside an accompanying journal, in which executives are encouraged to make notes as they learn about bringing on new board members, setting up strong communication channels, and how to meet each company’s specific directorial needs.

Another core objective of the book is educating board executives and prospective board members about the importance of improving board diversity. It has repeatedly been shown that when there are more diverse managers and leaders, this has a trickle-down effect throughout the entire company and improves accessibility on all levels of the business. Studies also demonstrate that diversity increases the overall success of companies.

Currently, only 20% of US executives are women, while more than a third of companies involved in the study did not have any women on their executive teams. 97% of US companies’ senior leadership teams do not reflect the composition of America’s overall demographic. ‘The Corporate Matchbook’ unpacks the issue of board diversity in detail by focusing on all diversity types, including gender diversity, racial diversity, age diversity, and so on.

As the author, Martin Rowinski, emphasizes, “Getting a board seat is a difficult process, and in many cases, people wait years before they see any result. ‘The Corporate Matchmaker’ combines my own experience with the strategies we employ at Boardsi in order to streamline the process. It is designed for companies looking to fill board seats, as well as executives looking for board seats themselves.”

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