Boardsi Announces Its Services in Helping Businesses to Build Effective Boards

Equally, the process can often seem opaque for those looking to gain board seats. Even for those that can get an interview, there is a significant lack
of educational materials that they can access to help prepare for the prospect of sitting on a board. The only way to gain experience is through being a
board member, but the only way to become a board member is through gaining experience.

Boardsi is breaking this cycle and streamlining the process of board-building for both companies and prospective board members and advisors. This platform
utilizes sophisticated AI technology to match businesses with executives; once the business has outlined the specifics of what they are looking for, Boardsi
will scour its private network, comprising thousands of executives, and find the ideal people for the roles.

This process can be drawn-out and complex; for women, for example, it takes an average of 2.3 years to get onto a corporate board. Boardsi significantly
speeds this up due to a combination of factors: firstly, its network consists solely of executives that have expressed an interest in being on a board;
secondly, its AI technology pinpoints the best pairings of companies and prospective board-members.

Another central factor that streamlines recruitment is Boardsi's commitment to training its pool of executives. It is not a case of simply securing
interviews with companies; Boardsi provides educational tools that help prepare the executives for their board positions and highlight key ways they
can improve their chances of gaining such a role. For example, through effective branding strategies, they can boost their online presence and stand
out to companies looking for board members.

As a founder, time is usually the most limited resource; compiling a bo ard, or a team of advisors can help ensure that your time is being spent as
effectively as possible. In a survey of directors, most respondents said they felt that their board had a 'high' or 'very high' impact on the company's
overall value. However, out of those who said they felt their boards were ineffective, only 1% stated that they believed their executives had received
sufficient training. This underlines the importance of providing prospective board members with adequate educational resources. Boardsi offers an entire
course for an additional fee but will soon include masterclasses and resources as part of their basic membership.

Boardsi's CEO, Martin Rowinski, was inspired to found Boardsi after his own experiences with the process of gaining a board-seat. Rowinski had previously
held a number of consulting roles, but aspired for a position that would give him a more hands-on role in helping each company to reach its potential.

He soon noticed that the route to becoming a board-member was unnecessarily laden with obstacles: "The difficulties were being felt on both the
company-side and the executive-side, which was ultimately producing a highly ineffective system. So we radically simplify the process through the AI
technology we use at Boardsi. But, crucially, we care about our network and helping them to become the best candidates they can be, just as we are also
deeply passionate about aiding the companies we work with in their search for the optimum executives that will add real value to their team."

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