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How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Martin Rowinski asked by KCRA to appear as a guest and talk about “How to Make Your Resume Stand Out”.

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Christopher Kai interviews Martin Rowinski

Christopher Kai has interviewed 1,100 global visionaries, entrepreneurs, authors, and inspiring individuals which include tech mogul Elon Musk, Diana Nyad (only person to swim from Cuba to Florida), John Paul DeJoria (billionaire founder of Patron Spirits), Ram Shriram (founding board member at Google), Fortune 100 executives, Navy SEALs, bestselling authors, and various YPO executives.

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Boardroom Bound Podcast Episode #91

Boardroom Bound Podcast, hosted by Alexander Lowry: In today’s episode, Martin discusses his journey serving as the CEO of Boardsi, pushing to provide thousands of companies with skillful executives from across the world.

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Mission Matters Interviews Martin Rowinski

Obtaining a board position is the goal for many experienced executives. How many of us know how to obtain the correct position that fits our skill set? In this episode, Adam Torres and Martin Rowinski, CEO of boardsi, explore the process of obtaining a board position that is beneficial to both the company and board members alike.

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John Krubski Interview – Listen to New Podcast

After decades of consulting, John decided to share some of the truly exciting and often life-changing lessons and insights he has experienced along the way in the form of Keynotes and Workshops. Changing lives in 45 minutes, author of Breaking Genius.

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WeStrive Interviews boardsi CEO

Martin Rowinski is the CEO of which is a platform that connects top-level executives with startups looking to fill out their advisory board. Martin has spent years in the tech industry advising countless companies and founding a few of his own. Over the course of the podcast, we cover his early life, his experience with running a real estate company during the stock market crash, having an exit, and so much more. Interview by WeStrive.

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