How To Bring In Board Members Who Will Blow Up Your Business

Martin Rowinski
CEO of Boardsi 

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None of us is ever too old to educate. The brain is a sponge, and it should never dry out.

Martin Rowinski — investor, author, and CEO of Boardsi — joins Connor to discuss corporate matchmaking and what companies and executives can do to simplify the board-building process. Learn about the personal branding power of LinkedIn and the importance of being mindful with your social media presence.

Key Takeaways

  • Members of a board of directors share legal authority and liability for a company. The board of advisors is a panel of experts who draw upon their collective experience to guide the CEO and save the company from learning by trial and error.
  • When the company is ready to add to its board of directors, the board of advisors is a ready pool of director candidates.
  • Personal branding is critical. You don’t have to publish books or magazine articles to demonstrate authority in your field. Use LinkedIn articles to get your name out there, and start building your brand.

Book recommendations

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