Boardsi’s CEO Q and A at the Alma Mater Europaea Conference (‘It’s About The People’)

LAS VEGASMarch 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Boardsi has announced that Martin Rowinski, their CEO will be participating in the Alma Mater Europaea 2022 conference, ‘It’s All About The People’.

Boardsi logo. (PRNewsfoto/boardsi)
Boardsi logo. (PRNewsfoto/boardsi)

He will be featured on a panel for a question and answer session during the conference.

The Alma Mater Europaea is known for their world-renowned conferences and is an honor to be involved. Top scholars from around the world come every year to share, talk and collaborate with their peers. “It’s all about people’ will be one of the most significant international scientific events this year.” Discussions will concentrate on embracing digital transformation for a sustainable and ethical future.

“I am very honored to be invited to the Alma Mater Europaea: It’s About People 2022 Conference. Being part of the Round Table on March 15th ‘THE ROLE OF OUTSIDE BOARD MEMBERS IN CORPORATIONS – ROUND TABLE ‘,” said Martin Rowinski.

Martin, a Polish immigrant who came to the country with his mother in search of more opportunities has worked his way to the top. Taking each new opportunity on and treating it as his own, Martin has built the necessary relationships to open new doors each step of the way. Much hard work and determination played a significant role as well. Now the CEO of Boardsi, a modern recruiting company, matching top executives with advisory and board seat roles, Martin fills his days with ALL the company’s needs. Marketing, sales, finance, etc. Martin can handle it all, he does this with much respect and poise both with clients and employees.

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