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Leadership Talks now offers an enriching visual experience with the addition of video content to our podcast series. Viewers can watch engaging conversations with renowned leaders and innovators, bringing an added dimension to the insightful discussions. These videos provide a more personal connection to the stories and experiences shared by our guests, enhancing the learning experience. Whether you’re seeking inspiration or practical advice, our video format allows for a deeper dive into the nuances of leadership and strategy. Tune in to not only listen but also watch as we explore the journeys of influential leaders in various industries.

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You can listen to Leadership Talks on your preferred platform, whether it’s here on our website or through popular podcast channels like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Player FM, iHeartRadio, Alexa, and more. Our podcast is accessible across a variety of platforms to ensure you can enjoy our content wherever you are, and in whatever way suits you best. Tune in to gain valuable insights from industry leaders and innovators, available at your convenience on the platform of your choice. Just search for Leadership Talks and join our growing community of listeners passionate about leadership and personal growth.

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"Leadership is not just about achieving success; it's about the journey, the lessons learned, and the wisdom gained along the way. Through our podcast, we aim to shed light on the remarkable stories of executives who have navigated the complexities of leadership. Together, we'll uncover the principles, strategies, and insights that drive success and inspire the next generation of leaders."
Martin Rowinski
Boardsi CEO and Host of Leadership Talks


At Boardsi, our mission is to transform board recruitment and bring exceptional leaders and organizations together. We are committed to empowering businesses ...


Our vision is to be the premier global platform for board recruitment, connecting exceptional executives with organizations worldwide. We envision a future where every board is...


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