Join Substantial & Pitchbook for a panel discussion and networking event to explore:


The market is saturated with conversations about how to get funding for new ventures. Instead, we’ll be discussing challenges faced, how to scale, and ultimately how to succeed once you have an MVP or a product in the market. Connect with other founders, VCs, and entrepreneurs in the Seattle area.

– What is the state of the Seattle venture and funding ecosystem?
– What trends are investors seeing in the Pacific Northwest?
– What are the most common challenges and pitfalls in growing your digital product?
– Learn from people who have successfully scaled their product.

Happy hour drinks and light appetizers will be provided.

Accessibility Notice
Note that Substantial HQ has stairs and no elevator access.

When: Sep 19, 2019 from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Where: 900 E. Pine St. #202 Seattle, WA 98122

Who: (The Lineup)

Matt Oppenheimer
CO- Founder & CEO at Remitly

Matt Oppenheimer is the co-founder and CEO of Remitly, the global online money transfer service, whose customers transfer more than $6 billion annually. Remitly is disrupting the broken $689 billion remittance industry with its mobile-first money transfer service that is easy, affordable and secure. To date, Remitly has raised nearly $300 million from leading venture capital firms.

Gillian Muessig
Masters Fund, Outlines Venture Group, & Co-founder of Moz
CEO of Outlines Venture Group, Managing Director of the Masters Fund, Co-founder of Moz, host of CEOcoach podcast. Ms. Muessig is an active advisor and venture capitalist. She is a thought leader and speaker on gender lens funds, purpose driven funds, impact funds, endowment funds, Opportunity Zone funds, and other elements of the evolving venture capital funding landscape in established and emerging markets. Ms. Muessig serves on Boards of Directors and Advisers for technology companies across four continents.

Paul Rush
Founder at Substantial
During his time as Founder of Substantial, Paul has overseen the growth of a youthful startup into a full service client services firm, with a 100% growth rate year over year since its founding. He has overseen projects that have helped companies like Mercedes Benz, Amazon, Citibank, and countless startups set new boundaries on their technical delivery capabilities.

Ben Rush
Pioneer Square Labs
At PSL, Ben identifies and segments target customers for potential spinout companies. He crafts value propositions, conducts surveys and interviews to test hypotheses, build financial models and pitch decks, and research target markets to identify competitors and estimate addressable market sizes. He is also part of the investment team for PSL’s venture fund.

Cindy Zu
Senior Director Pitchbook
Cindy is an executive, startup investor and passionate advocate for more women on private and public boards. Currently, she is a senior executive at PitchBook Data, a global SaaS company that delivers data, research and technology covering the private capital markets, including venture capital, private equity and M&A transactions.


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