Boardsi Co Sponsors Shriners Children’s Open

Lisa Williams
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Boardsi Co Sponsors Shriners Children’s Open

9/19/2022 – Las Vegas – Boardsi has announced they will be happily co-sponsoring the Shriners Children’s open taking place in Las Vegas October 3-9, 2022.

Shriners Hospital for children is an international pediatric healthcare system that has 22 locations in North America and national and international outreach programs. The system also has an extensive telehealth system that helps support even more children throughout the world.

Proceeds from the tournament will go to helping the healthcare system continue to grow and the children’s lives involved. In attendance will be many of the hospital’s patients, the system’s national ambassadors and representatives from each of its 22 locations.Take time while you are there to talk with the patients and hear their stories, you will be inspired.


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