Entrepreneurs share 9 companies with admirable DEI efforts

If you’re not sure how to begin bolstering your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, take a page from the books of these nine companies.

Consumers today are calling for increased transparency and honesty from companies about their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Such efforts work to bring people from a variety of different backgrounds and life experiences into the workforce and recognize the unique knowledge, perspective, and skills each person brings. They also work to ensure equal treatment and fair outcomes for all employees and customers in an environment in which they feel welcomed and respected.

Robust DEI efforts can not only help organizations build stronger, more effective teams but also show the customers and people they serve that they’re valued, too. If you’re working to improve your DEI efforts, it can help to look at organizations that have achieved widespread recognition for their DEI work. Below, nine members of Fast Company Executive Board each share a company whose diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts they’ve noticed and admired.


In my opinion, Veterans United Home Loans has always been a leader in DEI efforts and results. Around three years ago they implemented the Immersion Program, which recruits students from various racial and ethnic backgrounds as well as former service members to participate in an intensive summer internship. In addition to providing on-the-job experience, they host seminars for these interns on everything from résumé writing to business dinner etiquette. – Misty Larkins, Relevance


Booz Allen Hamilton has done a great job with DEI in a sector (consulting) that has traditionally lagged. The percentage of underrepresented groups on their board and leadership teams is more than two times their competitors. They’ve also made diversity a true priority in the organization. – Matthew Wool, Acceleration Partners


It might seem like a small thing, but LinkedIn continues to contribute to DEI by adding more diversity-friendly banners that people can add to their profiles. LinkedIn has also made an effort to get users to add their preferred pronouns to their names. Small steps can have a big impact when it comes to personal branding. – Viveka Von Rosen, Vengreso


One company in the tech world that I love, enjoy, and admire is Slack. Diversity, engagement, and belonging are core to Slack’s values. Not only do they focus on hiring diverse talent, but once the employees are hired, they treat them with respect and support. Slack is focused on their employees’ future, providing continued education, introspection, opportunity, and growth. – Martin Rowinski, Boardsi


Google’s efforts toward bringing together a diverse community and the results they have achieved in doing so have made many leaders look ahead. Google recently introduced commitments related to hiring, retention, racial equity, accessibility, COVID, and well-being for various communities, including groups that are underrepresented, fostering a sense of belonging within the organization and across countries. – Irfan Khan, CLOUDSUFI


Without a doubt, my model would be Hard Rock International. The soul of that company is a beautiful, inclusive soul. My favorite of their corporate mottos is, “Love All – Serve All.” I don’t know of a better, more inclusive statement anywhere. When I used to make their advertisements and materials, that was my favorite motto to use. – Laura Kerbyson, Laura Kerbyson Design Company


Salesforce’s Racial Equality and Justice Task Force is making great contributions within the workplace and in communities at large. Their focus encompasses expanding their leadership and overall representation goals, enhanced procurement spending and investments to empower companies led by underrepresented minorities, philanthropy to support education, and advocating for policy reform. – Andreea Vanacker, SPARKX5


RingCentral has had some impressive DEI efforts over the years. For example, the company has had employee resource groups for many years to attract women and Black employees. They have recently added ERGs for LGBTQ+ and military veteran employees, and they have plans for more ERGs in the future. – Reuben Yonatan, GetVoIP


For all of the flak Amazon gets, I don’t think the company gets enough credit for its efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive hiring strategy that brings together people of varying backgrounds who aren’t equally represented elsewhere in the corporate world. Amazon appears to be taking a significant initiative in this area and provides an example for other small and large companies to follow. – Benjamin Nader, 6 Figure Recruiter


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