Leadership Talks Empowering Women in East Africa with Claire Uwineza of Resonate

Welcome to another inspiring episode of Leadership Talks, the podcast dedicated to bringing you engaging conversations with some of the world’s most innovative and impactful leaders. In this episode, we’re excited to feature Claire Uwineza, the dynamic and visionary Chief Executive Officer of Resonate. Claire’s journey is an inspiring story of transition from project management to a leadership role in the development sector, driven by her unwavering commitment and foresight. With her extensive educational background, including an MBA and a certificate in Social Enterprise Management & Impact Investing, Claire epitomizes the essence of creative problem-solving and empowering leadership.

In today’s episode, we dive deep into Claire’s unique approach to leadership, shaped by her diverse educational experiences, ranging from Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering to advanced business and social enterprise management studies. We explore how she seamlessly integrates her technical expertise with innovative social impact strategies to champion the mission of empowering women and girls in East Africa.

We also delve into the challenges Claire has faced in her journey, particularly in promoting female leadership in the East African context. Having worked with renowned global organizations like Oxfam and World Vision Rwanda before taking the helm at Resonate, Claire shares her insights on overcoming these challenges through innovative problem-solving and creative solutions.

Furthermore, Claire opens up about her vision for the future of women and girls – a world where they can fearlessly pursue their dreams, speak up boldly, and run successful businesses. She shares transformative stories from Resonate’s initiatives that illustrate this vision coming to life. As a member of the Rwanda Women Leaders Network, Claire also offers her perspective on the evolving landscape of female leadership in East Africa and the pivotal role Resonate plays in shaping this future.

Don’t miss this enlightening conversation with Claire Uwineza, a leader who is not only impacting lives today but also paving the way for a more empowered and equitable future for women and girls in East Africa.
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