“There is always a courageous decision-maker behind a successful business.” Leaders are the pillars that carry the firm from its foundation to its pinnacle. They create attainable goals, manage teams, and do a lot more to benefit their company. Employees who work under prominent leaders are more likely to be long-term, productive, and committed, which has a positive impact on the bottom line. People are the lifeblood of a company, and good hiring can catapult a business to move forward. This allows for improving performance over immediate or annual goals and setting better strategies for sustainability and growth.

But finding adept senior talent or experienced industry specialists in a significantly competitive environment can be difficult. Therefore, businesses need to bring in executive recruitment specialists to ensure the best possible outcomes. This is where Martin Rowinski comes in. Better known as “The Corporate Matchmaker,” Martin is the co-founder and CEO of Boardsi, a holistic network that helps businesses create the best board of directors/board of advisors.

In this entrancing issue, “The 10 Most Successful Entrepreneurs Revamping the Future, 2022,” our magazine is honored to present Martin’s journey of prospering Boardsi.


“Learning and growing” are two qualities a leader should have. For Martin, these factors were an anchor of growth. He is a Polish immigrant who came to America with his mother for new opportunities three decades ago. And as fortune had its way, he began his journey in the leadership hierarchy. As a child, Martin always sought to go beyond the crowd to achieve his goals. With the same passion, he accomplished 25 years of experience leading, developing, and implementing strategic processes and products to optimize services and drive lead generation and sales growth in the fields of recruitment, finance, technology, marketing, and mortgage lending.

In the process, he learned the traits that make a conference space effective and productive. However, his natural desire to surpass these benchmarks pushed him to go even further. He has turned numerous challenges into opportunities and realized how the people you surround yourself with come into play and contribute to your success. And that is how the idea of Boardsi came to be. Where connecting executives with the right opportunities can be a tough job, Boardsi allows connecting with and creating a network of C-suite executives that can step in and get involved as board members with distinct responsibilities.


Boardsi assists businesses in building their ideal board of directors for rapid and scalable success while nurturing growth potential. In doing so, they create a win-win situation for both sides (executive and business). They are actively adding new executives to their network, expanding it and opening doors to numerous lucrative board positions around the world. The network enables them to form new and meaningful relationships with professionals – both in and out of their field. This paves the way for their professional development and gives them their ideal roles. Each candidate is extensively vetted and placed in positions that respect their talents. By bridging talent with the right destination, Boardsi has turned around the lives of many businesses and aspiring executives over the years.

Besides connecting with lucrative opportunities, Boardsi can level up aspiring leaders for world-class board operations. As a verified education partner of IBDC.D (International Board Director Competency Designation), it can implement proven and effective steps that can help aspirants gain experience and have a personal board director strategy. “Our education & certification courses are designed for any stage of your career and any level of board experience,” Martin explains.


“We make putting a board together a fast task; something that could take months up to a year to accomplish,” exalts Martin.

Boardsi is a web-based network with a strong purpose. It believes that people should find the right choice for their career; thus, it makes hiring expert executives easier, faster, and more efficient. Boardsi is constantly improving and innovating itself using tools and technologies. The platform is incorporated with AI-based match-making technology that connects businesses with the perfect directors/advisors for their companies. Also, its backend platform is constantly updated for its members to find and apply for new opportunities.

The consistency on innovation and improvement gives them a major upper hand amid the COVID-19. The pandemic has pushed the need for digital recruitment. And with companies adapting to remote work, they are more focused on experience and expertise than on location. This allows the members to find a better fit with more options. The fact that Boardsi’s members were initially prepared for a “work from home” scenario helped them adapt to the new work model quickly and efficiently.


“It’s not just about ideas. It’s about making them happen. ” Boardsi, like any other innovative company with a mission, relies on a team of dedicated and like-minded individuals to keep its sails afloat. And it’s transparency, honesty, and open-door policy that ensures engagement across all levels. “Everyone from our account executives, customer service, success managers, and recruiters are all part of a team that works as one,” explains Martin. They look at the organization as a whole and treat success and failure accordingly. They maintain a diverse culture and provide an open environment that encourages ideas and growth (individual and organizational).


A strong purpose, innovative elements, and a dedicated team come together to make Boardsi a uniquely recognized name in the recruitment space. Its efforts have rewarded it with the “Impact Company Of The Year 2021 & 2022” award by DotCom Magazine. “We appreciate all our achievements equally and cherish our successes as a team. It takes the entire team to achieve success, ” Martin states proudly. He and his team have already set their eyes on further expansion and growth. They are already opening two new offices in the USA and are looking to expand in Europe and Asia. While working on these plans, Boardsi will focus on building connections with executive education, executive board building, and executive branding, amongst others.

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