Transforming Industries with Integrity: An Insightful Discussion with Marc Garson on Boardsi Leadership Talks

Join us for an inspiring session on the Boardsi Leadership Talks Podcast, where host Martin Rowinski delves into the professional journey of Marc Garson, Chairman at iBrands Global and several other influential brands. In this episode, Marc shares his unique path from athletics to fashion, his strategic approach to brand management, and his philosophy on leadership and integrity. Discover how Marc tackles challenges in brand management, integrates cutting-edge technologies, and leads sustainability initiatives in his businesses. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned executive, this conversation will equip you with valuable insights and strategies for successful and ethical business management.


Mark Garson, chairman of iBrands Global, shares his journey in brand management and entrepreneurship. He emphasizes the importance of integrity, applicable experience, and simplicity in leadership. Mark discusses his approach to working with different brands and industries, highlighting the need for innovation and sustainability. He shares examples of his ventures in the fashion, technology, and entertainment sectors. Mark also reveals his passion for sports, travel, and family. If he could have dinner with any historical figure, he would choose Abraham Lincoln to discuss how to combat prejudice.
brand management, entrepreneurship, integrity, leadership, innovation, sustainability, fashion, technology, entertainment, sports, travel, prejudice
  • Integrity is a crucial attribute in leadership and business.
  • Applicable experience and success in the field are important when selecting a leadership team.
  • Innovation and sustainability are key factors in staying competitive in different industries.
  • Passion for sports, travel, and family can provide balance and fulfillment outside of work.
  • Prejudice is a form of ignorance that needs to be addressed and combated.


Sound Bites
  • “Integrity. You got me already.”
  • “We expect to really own the skies.”
  • “I’ve been very against prejudice since I’m a kid.”
00:00Introduction and Early Career
02:28Approach to Brand Management
04:26Making Difficult Decisions
08:14Adapting Leadership Style to Different Industries
10:08Integrating Technology into Business Strategies
12:34Focus on Sustainability
14:31Venturing into Entertainment
15:59Valuable Advice and Lessons Learned
20:07Exciting Projects and Developments
23:42Personal Interests and Hobbies
24:37Dinner with a Historical Figure
26:40Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

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