Boardsi CEO discusses providing Board Members and Board Advisors for Companies

CEOCFO interviews Co-Founder and CEO Martin Rowinski on Boardsi’s Network of Executives and how they help them with Branding and Education

What better way for an executive to utilize all the skills that they have gained over the years, to be able to give back and help with a startup or midrange company, or publicly traded company.”

— Martin Rowinski


LAS VEGAS, NV, US, July 5, 2022 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview with Martin Rowinski, Co-Founder and CEO of Boardsi, a Las Vegas, NV-based Board of Directors recruitment firm.


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“Our vision was to create an executive network that creates a win-win situation for both executive and the companies that are in search of growth, and they feel like they need that extra help of either a board member, or a board advisor,” said Mr. Rowinski


during the interview with CEOCFO’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse. When asked if the vision is the same today as when Boardsi was founded, Mr. Rowinski said, “It is the same focus, the same vision, maybe just a little bit bigger. We have grown quite a bit; we are expanding into other countries. We have a great success rate and are just pouring on the fire to continue the growth.”


Discussing how boards typically look for new members Mr. Rowinski shared, “In every country the process is a little bit different, but boards do partake in a third-party evaluation process, just to see how the board is doing, how its performance is doing, and checking on each. Member. Usually from that, they come to a conclusion of whether certain board members need to be replaced, or certain committees need to be created. The board of advisors is a little bit different. There is much more flexibility there, so those usually come about with companies that are about to or are experiencing growth and maybe have hit a speed bump that they do not have the expertise to get through, so they might bring in a board of advisors to help them through that process.”


As for how they make the match between the executive and the company, Mr. Rowinski told Lynn, “We typically pretty much have the same process on both sides. On the executive side, we add executives to our network, and when we bring on a company, we have an onboarding process, which is a phone call, where it is typically an interview process. We explain to them what we do and how we do it, how we create, how we are the match makers, and we will create their connections for them. Once we create the connection, they take that away from us and they do the interview process.” Mr. Rowinski continued, “Since we have that information on both the executive side and the company, it makes it much easier having all of those data points in our system, makes much easier to come up with the executive that would be a good fit.”


Explaining their business model Mr. Rowinski said, “We are definitely a for-profit company. Board space is very different than any other recruitment space. A lot of your typical headhunters or recruiters will go out there and they will work with the executives and try to place them a position where that might be a high-powered position, and they will usually take up to 30% of the first years’ salary, which usually comes out from the company, which can be very lucrative. The problem with board space is that much if the time it is driven by equity, so you can get a position as a board advisor, but all you are going ever going to receive is equity in return. Obviously, for an executive, that could be great if the company grows, and maybe there is an exit strategy, and then they get to experience a nice check at the end. The problem with that is that we would attempt to take some kind of a percentage of that equity of the company, which would be a kind of odd situation.


The motto that we have chosen, since there is a lot of marketing, as we are putting together branding and education for the executive; we are doing everything we can to really prepare them to stand out from the crowd. We have a subscription model where the executives’ pay us for marketing them, for branding them, for the education. It is an all-inclusive package, all in hopes to obviously help them to establish what they need to establish, so that they can have an easier time to get themselves prepared for the interview process.


On the company side, what we have done is we have a flat fee, and it really depends on the type of executive they are looking for. Is it a board member verses advisor, it is a small company versus a big publicly traded company that is very picky, and they are looking for that certain type of an executive, which obviously would be a longer process and take a lot more of our time and much more team effort to get to that executive, to get him in front of that board? We charge a flat fee for every executive that a company recruits. It is 50/50 as far as the model.”


Asked why Boardsi is important, Mr. Rowinski told CEOCFO, “I think that Boardsi is super important to both companies and executives. One, we all know that executive life or entrepreneur life can be stressful, can be very beneficial, can be very rewarding. It has all the ups and downs. However, at the end of it, especially on the entrepreneur side, or even on the executive side, these days you do not really have “where they retire and they do nothing,” but they would like to stay busy or engaged, even if it is part time. What better way for an executive to utilize all the skills that they have gained over the years, to be able to give back and help with a startup or midrange company, or publicly traded company, step and be that leader role, to really help other businesses. Therefore, it is really beneficial for executives. They do not have to be retired. They can have a job or they can be a board member.”

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Source: CEOCFO Magazine

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